Good decisions need good data

To drive meaningful data throughout markets, we have committed to:

  • advocate for meaningful, forward-looking and globally comparable company disclosure and investor reporting;
  • promoting the inclusion of material ESG information alongside other financial data;
  • encourage consolidation of reporting standards and regimes;
  • understanding and overcoming situations where available data is not being used effectively;
  • develop the PRI Reporting Framework to measure the contribution that responsible investment makes to tangible real-world ESG improvements;
  • enhance the PRI Data Portal.

Reporting data

The PRI Data Portal:

  • supports asset owner engagement with managers by enabling easier access and comparison of the reported data;
  • promotes the sharing of best practice/ knowledge by giving signatories easy access to each other’s reports;
  • helps us identify areas of further work based on most popular searches;
  • facilitates the informed decision-making between signatories working together; and
  • increases the use of PRI data for identifying responsible investment trends.

Data portal usage among reporting signatories

Data portal usage among reporting signatories

Most signatories (86) reporting to the PRI accessed the Data Portal by the end of March 2020, with growth observed among service providers compared to previous years.

Key target


Asset owner signatories are using the PRI data portal: 89%

(PRI target: 75%)

Average percentage of voluntary indicators disclosed

Average percentage of voluntary indicators disclosed

In total, asset owners and investment managers on average disclosed 19.8% of their voluntary indicators. A quarter these were reporting for the first time, with new reporters tending to be more private about their answers.

Key target


Average signatory reporting of voluntary data: 0% increase

(PRI target: 10%)

Standardising ESG data

This year our focus has been to engage with various initiatives on standardising global ESG reporting, positioning PRI in a more active role in driving convergence on standards and engaging with regulators and supervisory authorities in the EU, China, US and multilateral institutions on disclosure frameworks.

In 2019/20, several external initiatives have taken steps to align various standards, however, clear investor direction is required. Providing investor leadership will be a priority for PRI in the year ahead.

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