The PRI commits to:

  • ensuring that all individuals who come into contact with the PRI, whether as employees, contractors, consultants, signatories or in other capacities, are treated with dignity and respect;
  • ensuring that the opportunities the PRI provides for learning, personal development and employment are made available on a non-discriminatory basis;
  • providing a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for colleagues and visitors alike.

As of 31 March 2020, we had 140 staff based in 15 countries.

PRI staff worldwide

Key targets


Staff engagement survey score: 78%

(PRI target: 75%)


Gender ratio: 58:42 (F:M)

(PRI target: 50:50)

To build on an internal review undertaken in 2018/19, we have continued to provide staff support in areas such as leadership and cross-team working.

We plan to take this work further as part of our strategic planning for 2022 – 2025.

We have also implemented several changes to improve the employee experience. These include:

  • Employee referral scheme
  • Unconscious bias training for recruitment
  • Online employee benefits portal
  • Staff social committee
  • Special-interest working groups within Employee Engagement Committee, including a group on Diversity & Inclusion
  • Mental health days
  • New training portal

Our latest Employee Engagement Survey results produced an engagement score of 78%, above our KPI target of 75% and above the benchmark average for an organisation of our size. Overall there has been an improvement against the last survey’s results, with progress made in line management, communication and growth.

New development framework

We believe that the successful performance and development of our people is fundamental to our effectiveness. This year we introduced a new, robust Development Framework, which encourages staff to perform at their highest level, while allowing them to grow and develop. The framework is based on a set of behavioural competencies which are applicable to all roles, regardless of seniority.

New development framework

Policies to support staff globally

To support our workforce in all locations, we have implemented or adjusted several policies and benefits over the last year to be deployed globally, which in many cases significantly increased entitlements compared to local labour practices. These included:

  • Flexible working
  • Family leave
  • Grievances
  • Discipline
  • Coaching

We have also started developing a set of global pay scales to improve visibility on staff remuneration outside London. These are expected to launch in 2020/21.


We aim to be an organisation that is welcoming to all including people from all ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation, backgrounds and abilities. We started to use the Applied recruitment tool in 2019, designed to remove some of the unconscious bias prevalent in candidate selection and we expect to use the data from this tool to improve candidate diversity.

We currently monitor the gender and age of our staff, and with the assistance of the Employee Engagement Committee, have a programme in place to monitor other diversity metrics going forward, such as ethnicity, disability and socio-economic status.


Like many other organisations, we have had to adjust our working practices, policies and guidelines in response to COVD-19. Our response has included:

  • establishing Covid-19 action plan and response team;
  • adjusting policies to allow staff to work from home and flexibly, as needed;
  • adjusting IT systems and providing additional training to support the transition to remote working
  • setting up various virtual groups and channels to encourage team connectivity and provide social opportunities

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