Our activities

We continue to work to deliver against our Blueprint for responsible investment, guided specifically by the priorities set out in our current three-year strategy. Our work under the Blueprint’s three over-arching areas – responsible investors, sustainable markets and a prosperous world for all – spans an enormous breadth and depth of activity, across both asset owners and investment managers, across a wide range of asset classes and ESG issues, and across numerous policy jurisdictions and financial system components. It sees us delivering through a range of outputs, from tools and guides, to collaborative initiatives, events, thought leadership, leadership/accountability mechanisms and more.

This report provides just a flavour of some of the key areas in which we’ve delivered value for signatories and other stakeholders in the 2021/22 financial year. We also encourage you to explore the PRI website to discover the full range of our activities and work areas.

Take a look at some highlights of what we’ve delivered this year - through our work supporting responsible investors, championing sustainable markets and striving towards a prosperous world for all.


Responsible investors

Continuing to support signatories’ responsible investment practices with additional guidance in key investment areas - as well as working to improve reporting and assessment.


Sustainable markets

How we’re engaging with policy makers and embedding sustainability outcomes in policy frameworks - plus our work to improve corporate disclosure standards.


A prosperous world for all

Our work on climate change and supporting investors to implement net-zero commitments - plus addressing human rights issues such as diversity, equity and inclusion.