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We launched a new website rebuilt from the ground up on a professional-grade publishing platform, to better drive content towards signatories and other stakeholders.

The new platform equips us with the tools to more readily use a much wider variety of content – including short articles, blog posts, videos and podcasts – as well breaking down our long-form content so users can isolate specific topics, case studies and more from within longer reports.

"Much easier to use – great access to all the available resources and topics."

For users, content discoverability is greatly improved. The site is browsable by topic area to better reflect the way users want to consume it, rather than from which part of the PRI it was produced. A single search box yields results from across the platform, including our resource library, events list and signatory directory.

"Navigation has very much improved – I could easily find topics of interest, the signatory database, reports."

The platform also enables deep analysis of content performance, for us to understand not only which content readers are engaging with, but which specific parts are of most interest, and to identify trends and themes – all of which can feed back into our plans for future work, enabling us to better serve signatories with the content that matters to them, in the formats that suit them best.

"Attracts our attention – I can easily find lots of materials I am interested in."

The platform is continually evolving and primed to bring users more new features in the months ahead – key amongst which will be options to put users in control over what information they’re most interested in seeing.

Usage of the new site has jumped dramatically. An annual figure of 430,000 users for the website platform alone in 2018/19 is 58% higher than the 2017/18 figure for the previous platform, which combined traffic from the website and the PRI Collaboration Platform.









Increase in users of the PRI website: >58%
(PRI target: 20%)


Social media

The PRI’s social media presence has grown across all channels. Our largest audiences are on our priority platforms of Twitter (16,500 followers) and LinkedIn (12,000 followers).


Increase in followers across social media channels: 25%
(PRI target: 20%)

We enjoyed particular success around PRI in Person in San Francisco, where #PRIinPerson trended strongly, not only amongst investment and sustainability audiences, but peaking at the second highest trend across the city during the conference’s opening day.


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