The 2024 reporting window opened just over two months ago, with three weeks remaining to complete reporting.

Last month in numbers

As of 8 July, we had:

  • 349 reports submitted
  • 1,967 reports in progress

How to report

Signatories can start reporting by accessing the Reporting Tool via the ‘PRI Applications’ tab on the top right-hand corner of any PRI webpage. If you do not have access to the Reporting Tool, please refer to the Permissions System User Guide.

This year, we have introduced automated pre-filling for all signatories that reported in 2023, with circa. 97% of indicators in the Reporting Tool prepopulated. Please ensure you review your pre-filled responses, update them as required and save any changes made before submitting your report.

The deadline to report is 26 July at 23:59 (local time), after which reports cannot be amended or submitted.


Reporting on NZAM Initiative commitments

The PRI is hosting a short survey for NZAM participants to fulfil their 2024 reporting requirements to the initiative. A PDF version of the survey can be accessed here.

NZAM signatories can still report on their commitments through the PRI Reporting Framework or the CDP, as in previous years.

However, the PRI encourages all NZAM signatories to complete this survey, which has been designed to help the NZAM Secretariat track the initiative’s collective progress and learn more about signatory preferences and needs. Data will only be disclosed in aggregate form.

The survey is available to all NZAM signatories free of charge and will remain open until 30 August. Signatories with questions about the survey should contact [email protected]. 

Reporting extensions

Reporting is mandatory for PRI signatories that did not meet the minimum requirements last year and for those that have passed their grace period but either did not complete voluntary reporting in 2023, or only completed it privately, as outlined in this R&A Update.

Signatories with mandatory status that fail to report by the given deadline will be at risk of being delisted by the Board, unless they have been granted an extension or exemption.[1]

Signatories unable to complete reporting by 26 July can request a fixed two-week deadline extension by emailing [email protected] to complete a dedicated form.

The form is only available until 17 July(23:59 local time). We are unable to consider requests that have not used the dedicated request form, or that have missed the given deadline.

Extensions will only be considered in extenuating circumstances and signatories should apply as a last resort.

Reporting resources and support

Please continue to check the R&A Updates page for the latest information. You can also get in touch with us at [email protected] if you need further support during the reporting window.