This annual report provides a summary of the progress of the PRI Initiative over the year since our last annual report (1 June 2008 to 31 May 2009).

It provides a window into the activities of the Initiative, and how it is helping investors to improve corporate behaviour on issues such as corporate governance, transparency, human rights, climate change, and corruption. It also highlights how the Initiative helps its signatories develop processes for incorporating ESG issues across a variety of investment processes.

At the heart of the PRI Initiative are the various work streams that support implementation, and this year’s report focuses on three of these:

  1. Collaboration among investors through the PRI Clearinghouse
  2. The growth of responsible investment in emerging markets and developing countries
  3. The application of the Principles beyond listed equities.

We also include details of the PRI’s many other work streams.

The sister publication to this report, the PRI Report on Progress 2009, details the work the signatories themselves are doing to implement the Principles, highlighting, with concrete examples, how investment processes are being harnessed to enhance financial performance and deliver ESG outcomes.

The PRI Initiative remains indebted to our UN partner agencies, UNEP Finance Initiative and the UN Global Compact, for their unwavering support for the PRI. We also thank all the signatories that participated in the activities of the Initiative throughout the year. The PRI is very much a community of investors working together with the UN partners. This report – and the Report on Progress 2009 – seek to showcase these efforts.