Climate change

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The commitment to climate change is integral to our mission and the six Principles that underpin our work. Climate change seriously threatens the long-term performance of economies, investors’ portfolios, and the world in which their clients and beneficiaries live.

The PRI’s greatest potential impact with regards to climate change is through the work we do to help our signatories implement the Principles. For many signatories, climate change is the highest priority ESG issue. The PRI is working to help investors protect portfolios from risks, to expose them to opportunities, and to empower them to deliver on real world impact in the shift to low carbon, resilient economies. The PRI recognises its responsibility to address climate change both through our work and in our own operations.

The PRI Board has approved the Climate Change Policy, including the principles and commitments that will guide our approach to climate change-related risks and opportunities. Importantly, this policy sets our organisation’s commitment to measuring, mitigating, and reporting on climate change risks and impacts throughout our operations and in our business relationships.

To measure our carbon footprint, we have appointed Auditel. The carbon footprint will include Scope 1, 2, and all material Scope 3 emissions categories including but not limited to purchased goods and services, business travel, and employee commuting. We will report on our footprint and actions to reduce our footprint in future annual reports.

To contact the PRI about Climate Change Policy or the process, email [email protected].


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The PRI donates no longer needed computer supplies to charities that can use them, and support individual employees’ charitable efforts.

We are proud to be an accredited Living Wage Employer, including in our employment of contracted service staff and interns. We never use unpaid internships. All new parents at the PRI are able to enjoy equal parental leave benefits regardless of gender or sexuality, going beyond the legal minimum standards.

The PRI aims to diversify its workforce and ensure all our people feel respected and valued. To learn more, visit the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for our employees.