The PRI recognises that its activities have environmental, social and governance impacts on many levels.

Most of the PRI’s impact is positive and happens indirectly via the work that we do to help our signatories implement the Principles. We have an impact on:

  • our investor signatories – by encouraging them to be more transparent in their investment activities;
  • companies – by improving their practices through investor engagements;
  • markets – through ventures such as the Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative.

Beyond these positive, indirect impacts, we recognise that our operating activities can have a negative direct impact, and we try to minimise these wherever possible.


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The PRI continues to monitor, manage and reduce our impact on the environment through transport, waste, consumption of natural resources, energy use and procurement.

Staff benefits are tailored to be consistent with our beliefs. For example, to encourage environmentally sustainable transport amongst staff, car and mileage allowances are not provided, but the UK government’s cycle-to-work scheme is.


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The PRI works with the Brokerage Citylink charity to open up career opportunities within financial services for young people from a range of backgrounds across London. We have donated no longer needed computer supplies to charities that can use them, and support individual employees’ charitable efforts, including funding supplies for the annual J.P.Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge.

We aim to source goods and services from independent, neighbourhood suppliers whenever possible.

We are proud to be an accredited Living Wage Employer, including in our employment of contracted service staff and interns. We never use unpaid internships. All new parents at the PRI are able to enjoy equal parental leave benefits regardless of gender or sexuality, going beyond the legal minimum standards


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The PRI completed a comprehensive, independent governance review in 2015, including extensive signatory consultation, to ensure a simple, transparent accountable governance structure. Good governance at the PRI also includes:

  • annual signatory elections;
  • term length limits for Board Directors;
  • publishing Board meeting attendance and compensation records;
  • clear separation between the roles of Managing Director and Chair.

The PRI has a board diversity policy in the belief that diversity contributes to a high-performing organisation.

Read more about all aspects of governance in the PRI governance section.