The PRI is funded primarily via the annual membership fee payable by all signatories.

Additional funding comes from grants from governments, foundations and international organisations. Corporate sponsorship and in-kind support is sought for standalone events and projects such as the annual PRI in Person conference and major publications. (For more information on funding that the PRI receives from partnering with other organisations, see the Partnerships section.)

The PRI receives no funding from the United Nations.

Full financial details are available in each year’s Annual Report


The annual signatory fee is payable each April and is scaled according to each signatory’s category, type and assets under management. The PRI Board approved the signatory fee levels for 2017/18 at its September 2016 meeting. It was agreed that the only increase from 2015/16 levels would be in line with UK inflation.

Asset owners

(US$ bln)

fee (£)​

>50​ 8,190​
​30 - 50 8,190​
​10 - 29.99 8,190​
​5 - 9.99 6,210​
1 - 4.99​ 2,860​
0.1 - 0.99​ 820​
0 - 0.09​ 450​

Investment managers

(US$ bln)

fee (£)​

>50​ 13,270​
​30 - 50 11,670​
​10 - 29.99 10,610​
​5 - 9.99 7,430​
1 - 4.99​ 4,240​
0.1 - 0.99​ 1,600​
0 - 0.09​ 1,060​

Service providers


fee (£)​

>​200 8,190
​51 - 200 6,210
26 - 50 2,860
11 - 25 820
<10 450


Asset owners headquartered in a country classified by the IMF as an emerging market or developing economy are entitled to apply for a fee discount. Please refer to the IMF's World Economic Outlook 2016 (Statistical Appendix, p.209) for a full list of eligible countries

The PRI will consider reciprocal fee waivers with organisations whose work is closely aligned with the Principles and the PRI’s strategic plan, where this makes business sense for both organisations to do so.

The PRI will bill service providers based on only their investment staff, where that service provider has distinct divisions that provide distinct services. If one of those divisions provides a service that is not relevant to investors (and therefore the principles), this division will be excluded from the fee calculation.

For further details or to apply, please contact Katherine Pruski

Signatories that have been granted a fee waiver or discount:




FASERN Brazil Asset owner
​International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) UK​ Service provider
​Global Sustain Greece Service provider
​Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility USA Service provider
AlphaFixe Capital Inc. Canada​ Investment manager
FUNCESP Brazil​ Asset owner
PREVI – Caixa de Previdência dos Funcionários do Banco do Brasil Brazil Asset owner
Real Grandeza Brazil Asset owner

Eight signatories from the United Kingdom, France, Brazil and South Africa that were granted fee discounts in 2015/16 did not give the PRI permission to share this information: six asset owners, one investment manager and one service provider. From 2016/17 onwards, the details of every signatory granted a discount will be published on the PRI’s website and in the Annual Report without exception.