PRI is proud to announce the launch of our online training course for African Asset Owners. This short (two to three hour) training course is designed for African investors and aims to develop investor understanding around responsible investment – with a particular emphasis on empowering asset owners with knowledge regarding the interconnected nature of ESG issues, and the policies, approaches and tools available to ensure effective management of assets in this context. The course delivers the business case for RI in the African context and outlines the relevance of responsible investment approaches to African investors.

The course introduces African asset owners to the concept of the climate emergency and its impacts in Africa, and subsequently unpacks the role of asset owners in addressing this existential issue. This multi-media course presents real-life case studies and examples as a means of driving home critical responsible investment concepts like the Inevitable Policy Response, Just Transition, Impact and investing with SDG-aligned outcomes. Also covered are practical aspects of embedding responsible investment into investment practices and conducting climate risk assessment.

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the climate emergency and its relevance to African investors
  • Unpack the key drivers of responsible investment, globally
  • Identify starting points for embedding responsible investment into their investment practices, including conducting climate risk assessment
  • Understand the relationship between ESG integration, impact and the SDGs
  • Conceptualise the challenges and opportunities presented by the Just Transition in the African context
  • Point to platforms through which relevant responsible investment guidance can be accessed

Apply to enrol for the course 

Please note that this course is designed for African asset owners, principally trustees and principal officers. If you are applying as an asset owner representative, but with a different designation / role to this (e.g. asset consultant), we may need further information from you before approving your application. Your patience during this process is appreciated.


Queries to be directed to Darron Scorgie, Head of Africa Signatory Relations, PRI: [email protected]