The PRI is celebrating the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities (3 December) by “lighting up” purple. In collaboration with Purple Space we hope to show our support for disability inclusion in the workplace and to draw attention to the economic contribution of the 386 million disabled employees around the world.


We, along with many other employers, know there’s more we need to do – disability is often considered the “forgotten issue” of the DEI conversation – it’s much less visible. And so we are proud to say that over the last year the PRI has been championing more open conversations about disability in the workplace and taking steps to support our people at the PRI with disabilities. This started on 3 December last year when we officially launch our first Disability Network and joined in our first Purple Light Up by lighting up our banner at PRI in Person Barcelona.


Over the course of the year, our Network have shared their stories with the organisation about how disability has impacted their lives, published simple guides to getting adjustments and have run webinars about the language surrounding disability to de-stigmatise and build confidence around engaging in conversations about hard topics. We have also supported in ensuring all our events have been inclusive to those with disabilities.

14% of our staff have now come forward at the PRI and self-identified as disabled in our recent data collection exercise and our Network has now doubled in size, bringing in new ideas, perspectives and energy.

Championing more open conversations about disability in the workplace has proven to be incredibly rewarding and we would encourage your organisations to do the same.

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#PositivelyPurple was formally known as #PurpleLightUp.

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