The PRI is consulting on its Investor Data Needs (IDN) Framework from 20 June 2023 to 20 December 2023. Before providing a consultation response, we recommend you read the report: Understanding the Data Needs of Responsible Investors: The PRI’s Investor Data Needs Framework.

Overview of the consultation

What is the purpose of the consultation? To test the IDN Framework and its application with different stakeholders to inform the next iteration of the IDN Framework. 

Who can respond to the consultation? The PRI would like to request responses from all stakeholders involved with the supply or demand of data for responsible investors. This includes the PRI’s signatories, standard setters and regulators, corporates, investor groups and other stakeholders.

How will the PRI take on board your feedback? We will use your feedback to inform updates to the framework in 2024. As set out in more detail in the report, this will be combined with our ongoing activities – including continuing the development of the PRI’s position on data needs for human rights and social issues and on nature and applying the framework to inform the PRI’s engagement with standard setters and regulators.

Questions for respondents

Please email your response to the below questions to [email protected] by 20 December 2023. We invite comments on all four questions, but you need not respond to all the questions. Information is included below on the parts of the report to review when answering each question – including links to the respective sections of the webpage version of the report.

Question 1: The overall framework and its proposed application

  1. Are all three of the requirements of data to be decision-useful (i.e., available, of sufficient quality and relevant) of equal importance to responsible investors? Why, or why not? [see The Investor Data Needs Framework

  2. Are the two primary applications of the framework clear? [see Application of the framework

  3. Are there any terms in the framework that are unclear? [see Glossary

Question 2: The relevance matrix

  1. Do you agree with our specification and definitions of the following elements of the relevance matrix? Please explain your reasoning.   

    1. The investment strategies. [see Investment strategy

    2. The list of responsible investment activities. [see Responsible investment activities

    3. The characteristics of data. [see Data characteristics

  2. Do you agree with our specification of the minimum requirements for data to be relevant, as set out by the tables in Appendix 3? Please explain your reasoning. [see Appendix 3

  3. Are there any specific requirements (i.e., a specific type of data to inform a specific investment activity) that you recommend should be included (or amended), if a responsible investor were to focus on one of the following sustainability issues?  

    1. Human rights and social issues. 

    2. Nature. 

Question 3: Next steps for the framework

  1. What should the PRI prioritise for the next iteration of the framework? Please rank any/all from the list below. 

    1. Refine the framework to specify data needs for private markets. 

    2. Expand the framework to consider data needs of real estate and infrastructure assets.  

    3. Expand the framework to consider data needs of sovereign asset classes. 

    4. Test the framework on the data needs for physical climate risks. 

    5. Test the framework on data needs to implement the following specific activities: ‘Measuring alignment with achieving wider sustainability goals’ and ‘Sustainability performance of a portfolio versus the benchmark’. 

    6. Expand the scope of the framework to consider processed data from data and service providers. 

    7. Expand the scope of the framework to consider the following additional investment strategies: impact investing and/or thematic investment strategies. 

    8. Expand the framework to develop more detailed criteria for the specific requirement that ’data must be accessible’. 

    9. Other priority/priorities – please specify. 

  2. Please explain the reasoning behind your ranking. 

Question 4: Other comments

  1. Do you have any further comments you would like to make on the PRI’s IDN Framework? 

  2. Would you like to be kept informed of any further developments on the framework?