The PRI works with signatories to identify key environmental, social and governance issues in the market, and coordinates engagements, publications, webinars, podcasts and events to address them.

RI Review Tool

What is the RI review tool? It’s a self-assessment survey tool for asset owner boards to test and strengthen their responsible investment approach.

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Investor collaboration to engage on water risks in agricultural supply chains

Case study by Kristel Verhoef, ACTIAM; Nadira Narine, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility; Peter van der Werf, Robeco; and Mary Beth Gallagher, Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment

Long-term engagement on water risk management in the supply chain

Case study by Constantina Bichta, Boston Common Asset Management

Applying the Corporate Credit Water Risk Tool

Case study by Peter van der Werf, Robeco

Managing water risks to mitigate community concerns

Case study by Jeff Marsh and Rob Wilson, MFS Investment Management



Engaging on cyber security: Results of the PRI collaborative engagement 2017-2019

Cyber security has been recognised as a risk in the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report for several years, with the latest version ranking cyber security as one of the top 10 risks that the world will face in the next 10 years.1 As the incidence of cyber attacks and ...

Tax transparency outcomes cover

Advancing tax transparency: outcomes from the PRI collaborative engagement

This report summarises the outcomes of the PRI collaborative engagement on corporate tax transparency, which ran from 2017 to 2019. The engagement sought to: create awareness within companies of investor concerns around aggressive corporate tax practices and expectations of responsible tax practice; improve company disclosures across tax policy, governance and ...


A blueprint for mobilizing finance against slavery and trafficking

Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking’s Blueprint provides a collective action framework for the whole financial sector and professional service providers to accelerate action to end modern slavery and human trafficking.


Risks and opportunities along the plastics value chain

The level of global interest in plastic production, consumption and waste has soared in recent years. While much of this focus has been on the risks and impacts, it is important to recognise that the flexibility and resilience of plastic mean that products made from the material perform many crucial ...


Implementing TCFD recommendations for oil and gas methane disclosure

The Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD or the Task Force) published its final recommendations in 2017, and now both companies and investors are moving towards implementation of TCFD’s recommendations.