The PRI works with signatories to identify key environmental, social and governance issues in the market, and coordinates engagements, publications, webinars, podcasts and events to address them.

The inevitable policy response (wide)

The inevitable policy response to climate change

The PRI recognises that climate change is the highest-priority environmental, social and governance (ESG) issue facing signatories today.

Ensuring Paris Agreement alignment cover

Ensuring Paris Agreement Alignment

A cornerstone of moving the climate dial from awareness to impact is ensuring that governance mechanisms support the ambitions of the Paris Agreement and do nothing to create barriers towards those ambitions.

Investing in the low-carbon economy

How to invest in the low-carbon economy

Institutional investors’ responsibility to manage and protect their beneficiaries’ assets must include considering the impacts of climate change.

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Digging deeper front cover

Human rights and the extractives industry

Companies operating in the extractives sector face a multitude of complex human rights issues.

Cobalt mining

How investors can promote responsible cobalt sourcing practices

Lithium-ion batteries power products at the cutting edge of technology, from smartphones to laptops and electric cars.

Woman sewing

Moving the needle on responsible labour practices in the apparel industry

The starting point for respecting human and labour rights is to understand the impact of a company’s activities on people.

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Stepping up governance on cyber security

Stepping up governance on cyber security

Cyber security risk is real and pervasive, as demonstrated by recent attacks that have put the frighteners on big banks, web service providers, the NHS and even the US intelligence community.

Corporate tax disclosure guide

Evaluating and engaging on corporate tax transparency: An investor guide

This report serves as an investor tool for engagements on tax, drawing on key trends and gaps observed in the current status of corporate income tax disclosure practices.

Engaging on director nominations

Engaging on director nominations

Director nominations and elections represent some of the most fundamental ownership rights for shareholders – namely the right to appoint and remove members of a company board to represent their interests in promoting long-term value creation.

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Investor collaboration to engage on water risks in agricultural supply chains

Case study by Kristel Verhoef, ACTIAM; Nadira Narine, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility; Peter van der Werf, Robeco; and Mary Beth Gallagher, Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment

Long-term engagement on water risk management in the supply chain

Case study by Constantina Bichta, Boston Common Asset Management

Applying the Corporate Credit Water Risk Tool

Case study by Peter van der Werf, Robeco

Managing water risks to mitigate community concerns

Case study by Jeff Marsh and Rob Wilson, MFS Investment Management

Dr. Ma Jun addresses PRI in Person 2018


Dr. Ma Jun provides an update on green finance in China, including the G20 Sustainable Finance Study Group and the Central Bank Network of Green Finance.