Human rights and labour standards

The PRI supports investors’ efforts to address social issues such as human rights, working conditions and modern slavery with companies in their portfolio. To hear more about our social issues work, contact us.


Agricultural supply chains cover

From poor working conditions to forced labour - what's hidden in your portfolio?

Recent legislation such as the UK Modern Slavery Act, along with prominent examples of labour breaches in agricultural supply chains - which include child labour in the cocoa industry or forced labour in the seafood industry – are exposing food and beverage companies to heightened operational, regulatory and reputational risks.

Why engage on agricultural supply chain labour practices?

Improving supply chain labour standards can help mitigate operational, legal/regulatory and reputational risks, as well as present opportunities to benefit from innovative suppliers, access to more markets and contracts, loyal customers, productive/committed employees and secure supplier relationships.

How to engage with agricultural supply chain compnaies

The following engagement recommendations are based on findings from the engagement, as well as findings from other stakeholders and sources.


Human rights and the extractive industry cover

Human rights and the extractive industry: why engage, who to engage, how to engage

Extractive companies are among those companies that have the most daily impact on our lives. They have an impact on their workers, the communities located near their operations, and the people living in the operating country. They use countries’ natural resources, which ultimately belong to their citizens, and therefore need ...

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There has been growing interest from signatories in addressing human rights, inequality and labour standards.