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  • Engagement guide

    The foundations of a collaborative engagement


    Typically, engagement begins when one or more investors identifies an issue or specific ESG risk relating to a particular company or sector, and does some initial research to determine whether there is a business case for the company to take steps to respond.

  • Engagement guide

    Overview of collaborative engagement


    Collaborative shareholder engagement occurs when a group of institutional investors come together to engage in dialogue with companies on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

  • collaborative engagement
    Engagement guide

    Getting started with collaborative engagement


    Engagement is the process through which investors use their influence to encourage companies they invest in to improve their management of ESG issues. 

  • Executive pay
    Engagement guide

    Integrating ESG issues into executive pay


    The recent focus on executive remuneration has demonstrated the challenges for investors to assess complex pay packages and corporate performance. Existing remuneration plans for senior executives do not necessarily promote sustainable value creation for their companies.