Investments in farmland are intrinsically linked to certain ESG factors such as soil quality, water availability and land/tenant rights. Analysis of the risks arising from poor management of these issues and the opportunities available from diligent stewardship can help investors to make better decisions. Contact us to hear more about our farmland work.

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Responsible investment in farmland cover

Responsible investment in farmland

Farmland offers a stable long-term investment with the benefits of diversification, inflation protection and potential for attractive returns, but there are significant challenges, including water, soil health, biodiversity, toxics and land rights.

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From poor working conditions to forced labour - what's hidden in your portfolio?

Recent legislation such as the UK Modern Slavery Act, along with prominent examples of labour breaches in agricultural supply chains - which include child labour in the cocoa industry or forced labour in the seafood industry – are exposing food and beverage companies to heightened operational, regulatory and reputational risks.