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    Socio-economic inequality


    Sudip Hazra (Kepler Cheuvreux) joins the PRI’s Valeria Piani to discuss why inequality matters to global businesses and their shareholders. 

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    Labour standards in the supply chain - a supplier perspective


    Charlie Bradshaw (Matrix APA) joins the PRI’s Felicitas Weber to discuss how to address poor labour conditions in global supply chains, looking at the supplier perspective. The PRI are also re-launching their collaborative engagement on labour practices in agricultural supply chains, with an investor expectations statement open for all signatories ...

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    Proxy access in the USA


    Scott Zdrazil (New York City Comptroller) joins the PRI’s Olivia Mooney to discuss the development of proxy access in the USA. This includes an overview of the Boardroom Accountability Project, the company response so far and advice for investors on how to engage on the issue.

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    Is the "sin stock premium" an illusion?


    Roberts and Young-Ferris’s paper details the frustrations that a large global fund manager (InvestCo) encountered trying to quantify and systematise ESG analysis within an investment process reliant upon a traditional financial accounting framework.

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    Do ESG megatrends influence investment decisions?


    Even though investors acknowledge environmental megatrends in the sector – including carbon risk, competition from renewables and geopolitical risk – ultimately, the biggest impact on valuation models are still the traditional profitability drivers.

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    Why talk? A process model of dialogue in shareholder engagement


    Ferraro and Beunza analyse data on shareholder engagements from a faith-based coalition (ICCR, Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility) to develop a process model for dialogue.

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    Case study

    E&S-themed investing case study: Local Government Super


    Case study by Local Government Super

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    Stock duration and misvaluation


    In Stock Duration and Misvaluation, Cremers, Pareek and Sautner (2012) empirically investigate whether the presence of institutional investors with short investment horizons has an impact on stock prices.

  • Integrated analysis: How investors are addressing ESG factors in fundamental equity valuation
    Technical guide

    Integrated analysis: how investors are addressing ESG factors in fundamental equity valuation


    Integrated analysis: How investors are addressing ESG factors in fundamental equity valuation focuses on fundamental equity analysis and the contribution that analysis of ESG factors can make towards an accurate valuation of a listed company.