Inherent in the powerful role stewardship can play is the role of institutional investors in global capital markets and our economic system. They can propose and vote on shareholder resolutions, sign off remuneration plans, appoint board members, or even sit on boards themselves. They can use their position as provider of capital to ask for changes in the companies they’re invested in. They can request and support governments and regulators to set or change the rules of our economic system.

In analysing the most recent Canadian PRI signatory reporting data, the signatory relations team has identified active ownership as an area of opportunity for 2021. While ESG integration is standard practice, active ownership practices vary widely. Join us to learn more about Active Ownership 2.0, hear from Canadian signatories on putting this into practice, and discuss what stewardship reporting looks like in the new reporting framework.

Speakers include:

  • Jean-Philippe Renaut, ‎CEO, ‎Æquo Shareholder Engagement Services
  • Daniel Simard, CEO, Bâtirente
  • Michela Gregory, Director, ESG Services, NEI Investments
  • Remi Fernandez,  Associate, Signatory Relations, PRI
  • Ophir Bruck,  Signatory Relations, Western US & Canada, PRI
  • Chloe Horne, Analyst, Stewardship, PRI
  • Lindsey Walton, Head of Canada, Signatory Relations, PRI
  • Paul Chandler, Director of Stewardship, PRI