The PRI has set out its priorities for the next ten years in its recently-released Blueprint for responsible investment.

The organisation’s ambitious agenda over the next decade aims to address the barriers around responsible investment that still exist by addressing sustainability challenges such as climate change. The Blueprint also includes measures to strengthen signatory accountability and build a more sustainable financial system.

The Blueprint lays out three areas of impact on which it will focus. It will:

  • lead responsible investors in their pursuit of long-term value and enhance alignment throughout the investment chain;
  • address unsustainable aspects of the markets in which investors operate;
  •  enable signatories to improve the real world – now and in the future – by encouraging investments that contribute to prosperous and inclusive societies for current and future generations.

It also reveals the organisation’s nine priority areas for the next decade: empowering asset owners; supporting investors to incorporate ESG issues in their investments; fostering a community of active owners; showcasing leadership and increasing accountability; convening and educating responsible investors; challenging barriers to a sustainable financial system; driving meaningful data throughout markets; championing climate action; and enabling real-world impact aligned with the SDGs.

This work will build on what the PRI has already achieved over the past decade as the global voice of responsible investment.

PRI managing director Fiona Reynolds said: “The PRI’s Mission is to achieve a sustainable global financial system focused on creating long-term value. This is because we believe that such a system will not only reward its users financially, but also benefit the environment and society as a whole. This Blueprint lays out how our core work supporting signatories implementing the Principles will lead to that goal. Now is the time for action. We’re ready, our signatories are ready and the world’s people deserve a response.”

PRI chair Martin Skancke added: “The vision set out in this Blueprint will ultimately empower our signatories to create long-term value for their beneficiaries, for the societies they inhabit and that future generations inherit.”