The Initiative Climat International (iCI) Net Zero Working Group was established to provide guidance on net zero and science based commitments for iCI signatories. In partnership with consultancy firm Indefi, the group have produced the first in a series of publications intended to support the development of net zero strategies within private equity.

There is strong support for net zero across the financial sector, but the number of private equity firms making public commitments remains low. This does not reflect a lack of ambition from private equity but rather confusion over application to private equity and what public commitments may require.

So how can private equity investors get started? This guide introduces iCI’s new signatory roadmap. It builds on existing recommendations and encourages iCI members to commit to aligning with a net-zero trajectory and contributing to a low carbon economy.

The iCI will follow up with further guidance on the application of net zero.

Download the full guidance document below.