The 2023 Reporting & Assessment Framework will be launched later this month. This will include the full Reporting Framework for investors as well as details and guidance on the upcoming reporting cycle from mid-May to mid-August.

Later this month sees the release of the PRI’s 2023 Reporting & Assessment Framework with full details of the upcoming reporting cycle and the Reporting Framework for investors along with accompanying materials.

Before the release, here is a summary of some of the work that’s been undertaken to ensure the framework fulfils the PRI’s objective of being mission led and signatory centric.

In creating the 2023 framework the PRI has welcomed and taken onboard signatory feedback from the 2021 pilot reporting cycle such as the need for improved indicator clarity and better user experience of the framework. We have been mindful of the need to reduce the reporting effort for signatories and have responded by reducing the number of indicators and building in greater clarity and consistency, while also balancing the PRI’s mission and 10-year Blueprint for Responsible Investment. We have also worked hard to ensure the stability of the framework, and do not plan to make any changes, however, as with any reporting framework of this size and complexity, there may be minor updates.

The framework will be available well in advance of the reporting cycle so that signatories can become familiar with the content and prepare for the 2023 reporting cycle. This will include the full 2023 investor Reporting Framework and additional guidance including a document outlining the 2023 framework’s overview and structure, reporting glossary, and updated 2023 assessment methodology. All resources will be available before the 2023 reporting cycle opens in mid-May.

We will continue to share the latest reporting information on our R&A updates page, so please follow and check back regularly.