PRI’s 2023 reporting window opened last week and the first signatories have submitted their reports.

We are one week into PRI’s 12-week reporting window, which closes on 6 September 2023. Today’s update includes:

The week in numbers

Total visitors to the Reporting ToolReports startedReports submitted




The first 24 hours of reporting were busy, with more than 600 signatories starting their reports and four signatories completing their 2023 report on the first day of the reporting window. By the end of the first full week, four signatories had submitted their reports.

Support and guidance

Colleagues from across the PRI have received and responded to more than 350 queries, indicating an impressive level of engagement from our signatories. Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered in our updated FAQs post.

Reporting tool – important reminder

  • Please make sure you log in to the Reporting Tool via the PRI Applications page, using your PRI account details (email and password). The link to the Reporting Tool may be updated between reporting cycles and bookmarked links may result in an error message when logging in. For further information on the Reporting Tool, please refer to the Reporting Tool user guide.
  • If you are a new user of PRI’s Reporting Tool, your PRI account won’t be active until you have verified your details by clicking the link in an activation email. When you register you will be sent an email containing an activation link. Click the link to activate your account. You will be able to log in to the Reporting Tool once the PRI’s databases have synchronised. This can take up to 90 minutes after clicking the activation link.

Top tips from the first signatory to report in 2023

I was impressed by the comprehensiveness and depth of the questionnaire. The framework was very user friendly and, partly because I sit with the investment team including the Chief Investment Officer, I was able to complete the questions within the first day.

Jeffrey Springer (Senior Investment Management Executive, Summit House Capital)

The first signatory to complete their report this year is Summit House Capital, a recent signatory to the PRI. The PRI contacted Jeffrey Springer, Senior Investment Management Executive to congratulate Summit House Capital on this key achievement in their RI journey and ask for their top tips for other signatories reporting in 2023. 

Jeffrey’s top reporting tips:

  1. Set a realistic amount of time aside to complete the questionnaire – it’s lengthy, but most easily accomplished if you block out the time free of other commitments.
  2. Be very clear on understanding your ESG implementation process. I had our process printed out so I could make easy and quick reference refer to it.


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