As part of our continued engagement with signatories to create a robust new Reporting Framework, we invite signatories to express their interest in participating in testing the developments made to the Framework and provide the PRI with feedback.

Who should apply?

Asset owner and Investment Manager signatories, of any size, investment style, asset-class focus, and from all geographies, who are willing to spend time testing the developed Framework and provide feedback to the PRI, should apply. Signatories are invited to express their interest and provide feedback representing their organisation.

The PRI will select a sample of applicants (up to 50) to represent the signatory base.

The closing date for expression of interest was 31 May.

What does the testing entail?

As a participating signatory, you will help shape the future of PRI reporting by participating in this testing phase. The PRI will ask you to comment on a few selected sections of the new Reporting Framework.

We will invite your feedback on aspects like the:

  • Relevance to the responsible investment market
  • Regional variations and applicability, depending on investor type
  • Clarity and comprehensiveness
  • Level of advancement
  • Ability to gather, report and publish the required information
  • Estimated time spent on reporting in the new Reporting Framework

Your feedback will largely be collected via written form (through a survey or another online tool). We may also follow up with testers via calls to collect further feedback.

When will the testing take place?

Testing is expected to take place over a two-week period from 10 June, with potentially another round of testing at a later stage.

How will the PRI use your feedback?

We will use signatories’ feedback in the development process by gauging the general direction, sense-check our approach, identify any red flags, exceptions or outliers. The testing will be to inform our decision-making and we will embed it and balance it with the overall PRI mission, when making further decisions on how to develop a robust new Reporting and Assessment Framework.

If you have any questions, please contact the Reporting and Assessment team: [email protected]