At PRI in Person & Online (PiP) Barcelona in November 2022, the Reporting and Assessment (R&A) team hosted an information session on the R&A product design process and introduced a new Excel tool in the Data Portal. With this new tool, signatories can explore the data most relevant to their practices and interests. A recording of the session is now available, alongside other highlights from PiP 2022. 

Head of Data Analysis and Insights, Mikael Homanen, presented the session Reporting and Assessment: Information Session on R&A’s Product Design Processes. The session provided an opportunity for participants to gain a better understanding of reporting development, including the role signatory input plays in the design of the Reporting Framework and Data Portal, and the steps we are taking to increase the value of reported data. Watch the full recording to learn more.  

The presentation is split into three sections: 

  1. Research and insights, covering the strengths of PRI reporting and opportunities for growth, the challenges faced, and sharing unique research and insights derived from our reporting data (starts at 6m:05s). 
  2. Reporting feedback and changes, explaining how feedback from signatories drives the ongoing development of the Reporting Framework, including the 2023 Reporting Framework which was released last month (starts at 15m:00s). 
  3. Data Portal Development, describing how we unlock the value of the data through research and public data sharing, as well as the tools signatories have access to in the Data Portal (starts at 22m:20s). R&A introduced a new, customizable Excel tool available in the Data Portal that allows signatories to explore the data most relevant to their practices and interests.  

At the end of the session, Mikael was joined by Chief Reporting Officer, Cathrine Armour, for a Q&A session (starts at 32m:50s). 

In addition to the information session, the R&A team provided demonstrations of the Excel tool at our ‘PRI Data Insights’ stand. This gave us the opportunity to gather insights on the data tools and analysis signatories would find most relevant and impactful to their RI journey, to help inform future developments. The PRI’s Data Portal is continually evolving and signatory-led: if you have used the new functionality or have suggestions for new features, we welcome your comments at [email protected]. For information on how to access the 2021 public reporting dataset and tools, please see our Data Portal User Guide.  

New product extensions to the Excel tool in the Data Portal will be launched soon, unlocking further value from the PRI’s reporting data. The new tool will be announced on R&A Updates, when it is available.