PRI’s 2023 reporting window has been open for a month and reporting is well underway.

There are 46 days left for signatories to submit their 2023 report before the window closes on 6 September 2023. Today’s update includes:

The month in numbers

Total visitors to the Reporting ToolReports startedReports submitted




Reporting Tool update

Over the weekend of 15 July 2023, scheduled maintenance was carried out on the Reporting Tool. The update included the release of the download functionality, which enables signatories to export their responses and survey and indicator level.

Scheduling maintenance provides predictable windows for maintenance and system updates and are planned to take place over weekends, minimising disruption to signatories using the Reporting Tool. All scheduled maintenance will be announced in advance on R&A Updates.

Reminder: use PRI Applications to access the Reporting Tool

Always log in to the Reporting Tool via the PRI Applications page, using your PRI account details (email and password). The link to the Reporting Tool may be updated between reporting cycles and old bookmarked links may result in an error message when logging in. For further information on the Reporting Tool, please refer to the Reporting Tool user guide.


Please take the time to complete the Feedback Survey after you submit your report – feedback helps to ensure that future iterations of PRI’s Reporting Framework, Reporting Tool and guidance materials meet the needs of signatories. Feedback provided, or the decision not to provide feedback, will not affect your assessment.

You can also send your feedback to [email protected].

Not sure where to start?

If you are reporting for the first time, or don’t know where to start, we have a suite of resources to support your reporting. Check out the resources on the Investor Reporting Framework page of our website and in the links in the resources box below.


Recordings of our webinars in the 2023 reporting cycle series are available to watch on-demand:

If our resources don’t answer your question, we are here to help: email us at [email protected].