Reporting for all service provider signatories has been paused since 2021, with a view to reviewing how we can best engage service provider signatories with the reporting process. 

At the end of 2023, we decided to make reporting more flexible in 2024, while we determine its future direction in tandem with our work on developing the Progression Pathways for signatories to develop and progress their responsible investment practices in a more targeted way. 

Our review of service provider reporting will now take place in this context. We look forward to sharing more information with signatories once we gain more clarity about the direction we want to take. 

Previous years’ Reporting Framework for service providers are available to download from our Reporting & Assessment archive.   

Frequently asked questions

When will service providers be able to report next? Do you plan to open reporting for service providers at all?

Reporting for all service provider signatories has been paused while we reassess the service providers’ Reporting Framework and determine the overall direction of PRI reporting, which is evolving. We will update all signatories, including service providers, on the future direction of reporting in due course.  

What is the value proposition for service provider signatories without reporting in 2024?

Service providers continue to have access to the many resources available for PRI signatories, including the PRI Data Portal, Collaboration Platform, speaker engagements and webinars, and content-specific papers published by the PRI, among others. In addition, the PRI lists all service provider signatories and the professional services they offer in an easily accessible public directory for investors to utilise.