It is always very exciting for the PRI to welcome a new organisation to its global network. In terms of communicating this move externally, signatories vary in terms of their strategies. Some wish to make a formal announcement, while others do not. PRI leaves the choice up to each new signatory.

If a signatory does wish to make a formal announcement, they normally do this in the form of a press release, which they will write and distribute themselves. The PRI is happy to provide a quote from its CEO, David Atkin, which can be included in the press release.

Examples of press releases

Here are some examples of wording that other signatories have used in their internal/external materials after becoming a signatory to the PRI:


University of California

GAM Holding

Protocol for press releases

It is appreciated if, prior to dissemination, signatories can send a draft release to the Head of PR to ensure that the signatory’s key messages are aligned with those of the PRI. Reading the draft also enables the PRI to draft a suitable quote from the CEO which fits seamlessly into the release. Finally, reviewing the release beforehand gives PRI an opportunity to check that the figures such as number of signatories and AUM are up-to-date.

Posting information on the website

In addition to posting press releases on their public websites and intranets/client extranets, signatories may also wish to include new signatory information in staff newsletters and other internal publications. 

Find our file download pack and PRI signatory file download pack and guidelines.

Other points worth mentioning

When using “PRI” in a sentence, the correct reference is “The UN-supported PRI…” When using “PRI” on its own, we recommend that new signatories spell out the full name, The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). A standard PRI boilerplate (which is a one paragraph description of the PRI which can be included in a press release) can also be provided.

Communicating to the media

We have found that new signatories prefer to make their own outreach with the media when it comes to communicating news about becoming a PRI signatory.

Any questions can be referred to Rojin Kiadeh or Joseph Cockerline

Social media

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If you’d like to announce your new signatory status, feel free to post on social media using the below images, tagging us (@PRI_News on X; @Principles for Responsible Investment on LinkedIn). Please note that these images are suitable for X and LinkedIn.

New signatory social media carDS


If you have an in-house design team, please download the below customisable images. Step-by-step instructions to customise the images are included in the pack.

New signatory custom social media carDS