Understanding how climate risk could play out is of central importance to investors’ response to the climate challenge. A key approach is the use of scenario analysis to test the resilience of the portfolio to a number of future states. This can further be developed for financial analysis. This podcast seeks to assist asset owners, asset managers and their service providers to:

  • Understand that an end point ambition requires a scenario pathway to be of use in financial analysis.
  • Understand the scenario pathway architecture (i.e. key variables, metrics, attributes and drivers) determine the financial impact of any scenario.
  • Understand how climate scenarios can then be used in risk analysis of their own portfolios and engagement with companies following the Paris Agreement and the IPCC SR1.5°C study.
  • Understand how scenarios can then become base case forecasts to begin to inform actual business and portfolio planning and decisions using business level metrics such as production, CapEx and emissions, which leads to action.

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