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    Engaging on Whistleblowing: The Value for Investors


    This webinar will explore the relevance of whistleblowing for investors and launch the PRI engagement guidance on whistleblowing. The discussion will cover the investor perspective, implications of recent regulatory developments such as the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, and include perspectives from a former whistleblower.

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    Whistleblowing through the social and governance lenses


    By Betina Vaz Boni, Analyst, Governance Issues, PRI and Elena Espinoza, Acting Head, Social Issues, PRI

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    Whistleblowing: why and how to engage with your investee companies


    Transparency International defines whistleblowing as the disclosure or reporting of wrongdoing. We use a broad framing of whistleblowing mechanisms to include those arrangements that encourage employees, customers and suppliers to speak up and share information on activities that violate a company’s ethical code of conduct, its legal and regulatory requirements ...