The PRI Research team contributes to responsible investment research through peer-reviewed research. The team aids PRI’s strategic objectives by measuring the responsible investment practices of investors and the responsible business practices of companies. 

Research opportunities

PhD graduate programme

Alongside research, the team has an established PhD Graduate Programme. The programme is aimed at PhD students in the dissertation stage of their studies with an interest in responsible investment research. To find out more about this programme, please contact us.

Current PhD graduates

MSc opportunities

The team also provides opportunities for MSc and BSc students in the thesis stage of their studies. Please let us know of your interests and expertise by contacting us and we will evaluate whether there are suitable opportunities. These opportunities are ad hoc and based on the immediate requirements of the broader the organisation. The team is open to all applicants, but is looking for expertise on the following topics

  1. Corporate ESG data
  2. Political engagement by investors and corporations
  3. Financial ESG regulation
  4. Corporate tax disclosure

Data and code sharing

We have collected historic publicly reported Assets Under Management (AUM) data for all PRI signatories since 2014. If you are interested in acquiring this dataset for research purposes, please contact us.