The PRI has a wealth of data. Academics can request access to the following PRI data for research purposes:

Data & research

Reporting Framework

Every year, signatories report on their responsible investment activities via the Reporting framework, the largest dataset of its kind in the world. The public data from this framework is available.

Please request access to our Reporting data here.

Regulation database

The database documents financial, corporate and real economy policies across key markets which support, encourage or require responsible investment practice.

To request a copy of the database please request to join the collaboration platform page (you will have to be registered on the collaboration platform first to do this).

AUM data

We have collected historic publicly reporting Assets under Management (AUM) data for all PRI signatories since 2014.

If you are interested in acquiring this dataset for research purposes, please contact us.

Utilising the Collaboration Platform and the Resolution Database for Research   

The PRI Collaboration Platform is a unique forum that allows investors to collaborate, pool resources, share information and enhance their influence on ESG issues.  

Collaborations on the platform are online spaces that allow investors to work together on ESG issues. Collaborations can include: invitations to sign joint letters to companies or join investor-company engagements; proposals for research; calls to foster dialogue with policymakers; or requests for support on upcoming resolutions and votes. 

The Resolution Database is a public and global database of ESG-related shareholder resolutions, management proposals, director votes and voting outcomes. It is hosted on (and accessed via) the Collaboration Platform.  

The database provides transparency over upcoming votes and investor actions. The database:  

  • Supports investors to look ahead and plan for upcoming votes  
  • Enables investors to follow companies and receive alerts when resolutions are added  
  • Facilitates pre-declaration of voting intentions  
  • Promotes dialogue and accountability with companies.  

Academics can access these databases and learn more about investor-company engagements and initiatives by signing up to the Collaboration Platform here.  

If you would like access to any of the above data sets, please email us at [email protected], or fill out this form.