This snapshot explores responsible investment practices for externally managed assets. It paints a picture of historical practices among our global signatory base. It is an online tool that provides public access to key elements of data from PRI’s annual signatory reporting. Each snapshot records data on a specific area of activity. 

This snapshot focuses entirely on how asset owners select, appoint, and monitor their third party investment managers based on the latter’s capabilities, approach, and activities regarding ESG incorporation and active ownership.

It highlights questions, such as:

  • How the asset allocation strategy differs between pensions and insurances?
  • How much is invested in emerging markets?
  • What the most common policy components are?
  • What documents asset owners evaluate as part of manager selection?
  • What criteria are used to monitor managers?
  • How many asset owners are setting incentives and controls as part of appointment?
  • The degree to which asset owners are willing to move their assets to managers with better RI practices?

How to use this report

The report is interactive and allows you to customise the data. When reviewing the data set in each slide there are a couple of things to remember:

  • Most pages have a set of controls on the left-hand side that filter the data. These controls allow you to set filters on geographic region, asset owner type (e.g. pension funds, insurance companies), and externally managed asset classes. You can select multiple boxes in a group by holding CTRL when clicking.
  • To move to the next page click on the grey bar at the bottom and the arrows at the bottom right to expand the report.
  • If you hover over any data points a box will appear showing further information about that data set including the denominator & numerator, % or AUM, data year and other information. Right clicking also shows the data in a summary data table.



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