Heading the investment chain, asset owners set the direction of markets. The PRI work with asset owners to:
  • champion ESG incorporation throughout organisations;
  • enable asset owners to effectively oversee and monitor investment managers and others;
  • demonstrate how long-term global trends will shape the investment environment of tomorrow;
  • establish that asset owners’ duties to their beneficiaries extend beyond the risk/return profile of their investments to include making decisions that benefit the world beneficiaries live in.

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Explore our work supporting asset owners' efforts to include ESG considerations in every step of the investment process:

Empowering asset owners remains key to the future success of the PRI and responsible investment. The PRI is consulting with asset owner signatories on their strategic priorities and how the PRI can help to empower them, via a short survey and a series of asset owner roundtables.

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Asset Owner Advisory Committee

The Asset Owner Advisory Committee is a vital means of communication between asset owner signatories and the PRI.
Committee members are involved in steering all asset owner work at the PRI, including consulting on ESG integration in investment strategy and policy, and in selecting, appointing and monitoring fund managers.

Members of the group can be found here

PRI Data Portal

PRI Data Portal: Explore signatories' reporting data

Asset owners and investment managers can easily search, group and request access to private Transparency Reports and Assessment Reports from other signatories via the web-based Data Portal platform.

Latest asset owner signatories

More asset owner resources

Asset owner climate change strategy

Reducing emissions across the portfolio cover

Reducing emissions across the portfolio

A growing number of asset owners want to know how their assets are exposed to climate change related risks, and the role that they can play in an orderly transition to a lower carbon economy.

Three steps to develop a climate change strategy

Developing an asset owner climate change strategy

There is a growing imperative for asset owners to align their investment portfolios with a low-carbon economy.

Islamic finance

Islamic finance and responsible investment cover

Islamic finance and responsible investment

The main drivers of signatory growth in OIC countries are the strong alignment of social objectives in responsible investment and Islamic finance, and the additional financial value of integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment processes – which can be combined with Sharia screening.

Corporate pension plans

Why corporate pensions plans should mirror their sponsors cover

Why corporate pensions plans should mirror their sponsor's values

While corporate plans are legally distinct from their sponsors, plans and their beneficiaries can benefit from responsible investment in several ways.

How asset owners can drive responsible investment

How asset owners can drive responsible investment cover

How asset owners can drive responsible investment: Beliefs, strategies and mandates

By implementing their commitments to responsible investment with sufficient scale and depth, asset owners can accelerate the development of responsible investment through the investment chain.

How asset owners can drive - seven steps 3x2

Seven steps for asset owners to implement responsible investment

Steps to ensure that asset owners have the systems, policies, processes and accountabilities they need to ensure that their investment beliefs and commitments are reflected in their strategies, governance processes and contractual relationships with managers.

Planting the seeds of change - managing social issues in land investing


The PRI’s webinar Planting the seeds of change: managing social issues in land investing explores why investors should consider land issues and learn about the Reference Guide for Risk Assessment in relation to land.