The Collaborative Sovereign Engagement on Climate Change is a pilot PRI-coordinated investor initiative to support governments to take action on climate change.

The initiative’s aim is for investors to work collaboratively to support governments to take all possible steps to mitigate climate change, in line with the Paris Agreement.

Why is this collaborative engagement needed?

Climate change poses a material threat to investor portfolios. Through engagement, global investors are seeking to reduce their exposure to risks associated with a failure to rapidly transition to a net zero global economy, including to:

  • the value of sovereign debt investments;
  • the continued competitiveness of national economies and investee companies; and
  • systemic risks through exposure to the global economy.

It is consistent with investors’ fiduciary duty to encourage and support strong climate action from policymakers, to ensure a just and orderly transition to net zero can be accomplished. Governments have a pivotal role to play, including by creating an enabling environment for the private sector. Through public expenditure, policy and regulation, policymakers can set norms and incentives that will help transition whole economies to net zero. Additionally, at an estimated US$60 trillion, sovereign debt accounts for a large share of global assets under management. It is essential that investors address climate risks associated with this asset class to achieve their net zero commitments.

Creating opportunities for dialogue between investors and governments is mutually beneficial. It enables sovereigns to articulate their approach to managing sustainability risks, investors to voice support for action, and both sides to gain a deeper and more common understanding of those risks, thus helping to inform investment research. A growing number of investors now explicitly factor in climate performance of sovereigns as part of their investment decisions.

Through collaboration and co-ordination, the initiative aims to unify and amplify the messaging of global investor sovereign engagement.

Why start with Australia?

The investor group identified major sovereign issuers as the area where collaborative engagement could add the greatest impact, given their significant contribution to the risks investors face and limited existing opportunities for individual investor engagement.

The investor group identified an opportunity to support climate policy action at a critical juncture in Australia, following the introduction of the Climate Change Act.

This sovereign engagement with the Australian government will act as a pilot for a potentially wider programme in the future, covering other sovereign issuers.

Advisory Committee Members



Thomas Dillon

Aviva Investors

Malika Takhtayeva

BNP Paribas Asset Management

Reina Berlien

Brandywine Global Investment Management, LLC

Akaash Sachdeva


Magdalena Kettis

Nordea Asset Management

Peter van der Werf


Stuart Dear


Erwin Jackson (Observer)


Membership of this Advisory Committee is not currently open for new joiners, but you can express your interest and be added to a waiting list for future opportunities to join this engagement by contacting