In continuing our work to address the issues responsible investors are facing with regards COVID-19, we are pleased to be launching our next phase. We will focus on 5 key themes that have come up as material to our investors:

Investors are invited to join collaboration platform groups for COVID-19 and ESG in the 2020 AGM season and Immediate human and labour rights concerns. All work streams will engage with signatories through webinars, papers or consultations.

PRI’s investor Survey on ESG and COVID-19 in the short term

In continuing our work on phase two, we are now asking our signatories to complete a short survey to capture their experiences on how COVID-19 has impacted them in the short and long term. The survey has 22 questions focusing on social issues, climate change, stewardship, emerging markets and recovery. We will be collecting anonymous responses until 17th of June 2020 in order to share investors experiences and direct our work programmes.

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