I am pleased to share the PRI’s first diversity data and gender and ethnicity pay gap report.

Continuing to enhance our work on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is critical for us to lead and collaborate effectively with our ever-growing, diverse signatory base. We need a mix of brilliant minds, working together as a team, to provide fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.

The PRI is committed to transparency, because we understand how important it is for holding ourselves to account. We therefore wanted to commit to best practice, including reporting on what we think is important – above and beyond what we are required to do by law.

This report demonstrates how we are walking the talk on DEI practices. Our findings show we have good gender balance, and a comparably low gender pay gap, but we recognise the need to improve our racial/ethnic diversity, particularly at senior levels. This data will act as a springboard for us to continue the strong work we have already begun in this space, outlined on our new DEI homepage

I look forward to reporting on our progress in our annual report later this year.  

David Atkin, PRI CEO