Environmental issues

The PRI is supporting investors through a range of climate change projects, as well as across topics such as deforestation, methane water risks. To hear more about our environmental issues work, contact us.

Three steps to develop a climate change strategy

Developing an asset owner climate change strategy

There is a growing imperative for asset owners to align their investment portfolios with a low-carbon economy.

See our full range of climate change resources and activities on the climate change page.


growing water risk2

Growing water risk resilience: An investor guide on agricultural supply chains

Global investor portfolios are increasingly exposed to water-related risk.



Engaging with oil and gas companies on fracking: An investor guide

The production of oil and gas via hydraulic fracturing (fracking) remains important and yet can be viewed as a contentious method in some regions, with community controversies, bans and moratoria in different areas.


Methane guide

An investor's guide to methane: Engaging with oil and gas companies to manage a rising risk

Methane, the primary component of natural gas, is a climate pollutant 84 times more powerful than carbon dioxide (CO2) over a 20-year period, and it is responsible for 25% of the global warming we are experiencing today.

Climate disclosure – what does this year’s ExxonMobil resolution tell us?

Examining climate disclosure through an in-depth look at the upcoming ExxonMobil climate disclosure resolution.

Long walk to below 2 degrees - reflections on COP22

Canny investors recognise the need to understand climate risk and protect investments.