Nature provides ecosystem services, which benefit businesses and society.

Biodiversity is the variety of living components of nature. It has a role in ensuring the resilience of natural capital assets – which society and business depend on – and securing them for the future. However, land use change, climate change, exploitation and pollution are driving biodiversity and ecosystem loss. This loss creates risks and opportunities for society, business and investors.


Investor action on biodiversity


It is critical that institutional investors take action to halt the loss of biodiversity. Based on research and interviews with 11 investors, a discussion paper outlines some emerging approaches for integrating biodiversity into investment policies and strategies and highlights opportunities for investors to scale them up.

Figure 1

Mapping natural capital depletion


As natural capital is depleted, it loses its capacity to support the ecosystem services upon which businesses, economic activities and broader society depend. PRI collaborated with UNEP-WCMC to developed maps to showcase hotspots of relative natural capital depletion on a global scale, available for visualisation in ENCORE, accompanied by a ...

There are many biodiversity-related initiatives for financial institutions, covering a range of topics.

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