Governance issues

The PRI works with investors to address governance issues affecting the companies they invest in, such as tax avoidance, executive pay and corruption. To hear more about our governance issues work, contact us.

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Engaging with companies on cyber security

Cyber attacks can compromise customer information, operational systems and sensitive business data such as financial data, supplier details and intellectual property. Investors are seeing the value in engaging with companies on their cyber security governance. Find out more about the PRI’s collaborative engagement on cyber security.

Reports: Why and how to engage with companies on governance issues

Engaging on director nominations

Engaging on director nominations

Director nominations and elections represent some of the most fundamental ownership rights for shareholders – namely the right to appoint and remove members of a company board to represent their interests in promoting long-term value creation.

A guide for investors

Engaging on anti-bribery and corruption

The cost of bribery and corruption is immense

Integrating ESG issues into executive pay

How to integrate ESG issues into executive pay

Executive pay remains at the forefront of corporate governance discussions for the investment community.

Why and how to engage on corporate tax responsibility cover

Why and how to engage on corporate tax responsibility

The business case for responsible investors to explore the long-term implications of tax-related risks is multifaceted.