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The PRI blog is a platform for discussion around environmental, social and governance issues, as well as other topical matters. It showcases thought leadership on responsible investment for PRI signatories, and is written by PRI staff members and guest contributors.


Roundtable - Human Rights Private Markets

What does the Roe v. Wade ruling mean for investors?


By Remi Fernandez, Specialist, Human Rights & Social Issues, and Betina Vaz Boni, Senior Analyst, Governance, PRI

Integrated analysis: How investors are addressing ESG factors in fundamental equity valuation

Criticising ESG incorporation does not make it any less essential


By David Atkin, CEO, Principles for Responsible Investment

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This blog is written by PRI staff members and guest contributors. Our goal is to contribute to the broader debate around topical issues and to help showcase some of our research and other work that we undertake in support of our signatories.

Please note that although you can expect to find some posts here that broadly accord with the PRI’s official views, the blog authors write in their individual capacity and there is no “house view”. Nor do the views and opinions expressed on this blog constitute financial or other professional advice.

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