The PRI has today launched the Academic Network Online – a unique platform that will connect 4,000 academics and investment practitioners to enhance dialogue and foster relationship-building.

Users of the platform will receive myriad benefits.

Academics will:

  • Increase the reach, visibility and impact of their work with investment practitioners
  • Receive speaker invitations from practitioners for events or in-house training
  • Keep in touch with academics and investors in their areas of interest, find out what others are working on and the questions coming from industry
  • Find a co-author, contributor/reviewer or speakers for events
  • Finding and accessing data or potential interviewees

Investors will:

  • Be able to access the latest research on RI practices
  • Engage with experts and ask questions directly – with the PRI Academic Advisory Committee, for instance
  • Find an academic to undertake a research project by RI expertise or geography
  • Find an intern or specialist, see short biographies and examples of their work
  • Find a speaker or contributor/reviewer

There is no need to be a PRI signatory and no payment is needed to use the platform.

“The Academic Network Online is a new and inclusive hub for academics and investors to find and engage with each other. This unique resource brings together scholars and practitioners with the ability to search by RI expertise, region and asset class. It enables community-building and connects you to the source – to the authors, to the data and to RI specialists,” said Katherine Ng, Head of Academic Research, PRI.

“Informing investment practice with evidence and insights from research analysis, and similarly, for academic research to investigate the challenges within business is crucial. Research excellence and impact with business is part and parcel of academic endeavour, and this platform can help us to achieve these goals.”

Professor Alexander Bassen, University of Hamburg and Chair of the PRI Academic Network Advisory Committee

“As an investment practitioner, it can be a challenge to identify and access academic research on key topics. The work of the academic network – and the launch of this platform – is a critical step in closing that gap.”

Jane Ambachtsheer, Mercer Partner and Research Fellow at Oxford University/ Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto.

The platform is part of the PRI’s Academic Research Programme which develops and supports responsible investment research. The programme’s purpose is to support practical evidence and insights from research to: inform, raise awareness and challenge established thinking and practice on RI among investment practitioners, and to develop an active community of interest that is innovative, rigorous and cross-disciplinary.

Explore the platform now or find out more about the academic research programme.