The PRI is inviting the policy and regulatory affairs professionals of our signatories to participate in our Global Policy Reference Group. 

This expert network will allow the PRI and signatories to exchange information on policy and regulation in real time, including policy processes, such as regulatory consultations, hearings and implementation.

The group builds on the PRI’s research:

  • The PRI identifies over 300 policy, regulation or soft law instruments that requires or encourage responsible investment across the world’s 50 largest economies. Over half of which have been introduced since 2013.
  • Policy interventions in recent years have been grouped around pension fund disclosure requirements, stewardship and corporate disclosure requirements. Some policy interventions, such as the French energy transition law, traverse all three groups. Some policy interventions, such as the French energy transition law, traverse all three groups, and are designed to support broader sustainability objectives.
  • Policy makers are beginning to look beyond “ESG integration” to “sustainable finance”.

We will target a group of up to 80 signatories to participate to ensure a range of involvement from asset owners, asset managers and service providers, and to ensure global coverage.

The group will discuss international and national policy developments by email and call, including a quarterly round up via PRI’s webinar platform. The first call will be held in November 2017.

Members of the Committee need to agree to commit sufficient time to contribute to and promote the output of the Global Policy Refence Group.

This group is:

  • Real time
  • International
  • Comprised of policy professionals

The purpose

The purpose of the group is to ensure PRI’s, and our signatories’, policy engagement is current and international, and to promote good practice among national regulators.

The PRI reporting framework finds that over half of our signatories undertook some form of policy engagement on responsible investment issues in 2016 / 2017. The Global Policy Reference Group will help amplify PRI and our signatories’ efforts in achieving clear and accountable policy frameworks that require responsible investment.

Finally, governments are introducing ‘taskforces’ or ‘expert groups’ to advise on sustainable finance. This group can support governments and local networks set up expert groups, agree terms of reference, policy recommendations, consultations, and ultimately, support with policy implementation.


Members of the Global Policy Reference Group will be listed on the PRI website.

Next steps

The PRI is inviting senior policy and regulatory affairs professionals to apply. Please send a one paragraph biography to [email protected] by Friday 27 October.