Public policy sets the rules of the game that govern the financial system, and affects the sustainability and stability of financial markets, as well as social, environmental, and economic systems. Public policy also critically affects the ability of long-term investors to generate sustainable returns and create value. Therefore, policy engagement is a natural extension of conventional investment manager responsibilities and fiduciary duties to the long-term interests of beneficiaries and savers.

The PRI actively engages with public policy where relevant to our Principles and Mission, and as outlined in our policy approach. Through its Blueprint for Responsible Investment, the PRI has committed to address unsustainable aspects of the markets that investors operate in, to achieve the economically efficient and sustainable global financial system that responsible investors and beneficiaries need. The current three-year strategy includes three objectives relevant to policy reform: 

  • Engage with policy makers on climate and other priority issues
  • Contribute to ESG incorporation being implemented in financial policy and regulation
  • Conduct legal and policy analysis to help develop the environment and frameworks needed to support the pursuit of desired real-world outcomes by investors 

The PRI’s policy positions are built to develop an understanding of key challenges and opportunities for PRI signatories. The PRI proactively develops research and analysis on foundational policy issues at regional and global levels, always involving signatories at the onset and throughout the course of policy research projects and programmes. The PRI also proactively consults with other non-signatory market stakeholders as relevant. The PRI Policy Team uses the findings of policy research to respond to consultations on different aspects of policy reform in different markets. Policy engagement topics are reviewed each year as part of its business planning and in accordance with its three-year strategy and evolving policy context.

This briefing summarises the key policy topics and developments in core markets where the PRI is conducting policy research and engagement. These priorities reflect the PRI’s strategy and its current policy agenda in different markets.