In 2020, signatories voted to elect an asset owner and an investment manager to the board. They also voted to confirm the appointment of the chairto receive the PRI Annual Report and accounts and to approve the Signatory General Meeting minutes.

2020 board elections

Asset owner representative votes

Each asset owner signatory had the opportunity to vote for 1 candidate out of the 5 put forward. Renosi Mokate was re-elected as a board director. 

Asset owner candidatesVotes
Renosi Mokate, Chairperson, GEPF Board of Trustees, GEPF 141 (55.3%)
Rafael Castro, Executive Manager of Compliance and Internal Control, PREVI 41 (16.1%)
Patricia Alejo, Portfolio Manager, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana 35 (13.7%)
Juan Camilo Osorio Londono, Chairman of the Board, Afore Sura 25 (9.8%)
Kamal Mitha, Head Investments, Sasria 13 (5.1)
  • 274 (48.2%) of 568 asset owner signatories voted
  • 19 (6.9%) abstained

Investment manager representative votes

Each investment manager signatory had the opportunity to vote for 1 candidate out of the 7 put forward. Tycho Sneyers was re-elected as a board director.

Investor manager candidatesVotes
Tycho Sneyers, Managing Partner, LGT Capital Partners 337 (35.8%)
Jessica Malmfors, CEO, Nordea 190 (20.2%)
Carola van Lamoen, Head SI Center of Expertise, Executive Director, Robeco 166 (17.6%)
Alyssa Go, VP of Sustainability, RRG Capital Management 99 (10.5%)
Roelfien Kuijpers, Global ESG Client Officer, DWS Group 82 (8.7%)
Longhai Qian, Chair of Supervisory Board, First Capital Securities Co., Ltd 45 (4.8%)
Peter Greenwood, Director of ESG and Impact, TriLinc Global, LLC 23 (2.4%)
  • 274 (48.2%) of 568 asset owner signatories voted
  • 19 (6.9%) abstained

Confirm appointment of the chair votes

In advance of the PRI Board meeting in July 2020, the board reaffirmed their agreement to nominate the current chair, Martin Skancke, for a final three-year term from January 2021 to December 2023. This decision was confirmed by the approval of a simple majority of signatories, including a simple majority of asset owner signatories.

The vote confirmed the re-appointment of the Chair, Martin Skancke for a final three-year term.

  • 1,301 (99.5%) of 1,393 signatories voted, 85 (6.1%) abstained and 7 (0.5%) opposed
  • 256 (99.2%) of 274 asset owners voted, 16 (5.8%) abstained and 2 (0.8%) opposed

Receive the PRI Annual Report and accounts votes

Signatories had the opportunity to receive the Annual Report and accounts by way of a simple majority vote in the Signatory General Meeting (SGM).

The majority voted to receive the Annual Report and accounts.

  • 1272 (99.8%) of 1,393 signatories voted, 118 (8.5%) abstained and 3 (0.2%) opposed

2021 board elections

The 2021 PRI Board elections are for four asset owner and one investment manager position. A call for candidates to nominate for board director representative positions will be announced in June 2021.

To register your interest in advance, please email: