The PRI is committed to strengthening accountability among its signatory base and supporting signatories in meeting the minimum requirements for PRI membership. As part of this commitment, following improvements of the 2021 dataset, we are now continuing engagement with signatories identified as not meeting the minimum requirements based on their 2021 reporting.

The minimum requirements are a set of criteria that all investor signatories must meet in order to remain a signatory to the PRI. Investor signatories that do not meet them when reporting on a mandatory basis are privately informed and enter a two-year engagement period. During this engagement period, signatories are offered guidance from Reporting & Assessment staff at the PRI in dedicated engagement sessions to support them in meeting the minimum requirements by the next reporting cycle. Since introducing our minimum requirements, engagement has proven to be an indispensable process to advance responsible investment practices amongst our signatory base by ensuring that all signatories meaningfully reflect their commitment to the six principles.

At the end of this two-year period, signatories risk delisting as a last resort if engagement has proven unsuccessful. Given the decision by the PRI to postpone reporting until 2023 to allow comprehensive improvements to be made to the 2021 dataset and the Reporting Tool, and to carry out a review of the entire Reporting Framework in response to signatory feedback, the opportunity to engage with the PRI has been extended by a year. For further background on this decision, please read the Board letter that was communicated to signatories in August 2021.


We encourage all signatories contacted on 7 April about the minimum requirements to respond to [email protected] to schedule a call with a member of the Reporting & Assessment team.

You can read about the minimum requirements of PRI membership, the minimum requirements review and FAQs here. Further resources include the signatory accountability rules and the 2021 minimum requirements webinar