The PRI is investing in additional software development and improving quality assurance processes prior to releasing 2021 reporting outputs. As a result, 2021 public Transparency Reports and private Assessment Reports will not be launched in June 2022, as previously communicated. The new launch date for 2021 reports will be targeted for a point within Q3 (July-September) 2022 and will be confirmed as soon as possible. Updates regarding the launch of 2021 outputs will be shared on R&A Updates every Wednesday, at noon (BST).   

In August 2021, the PRI communicated that 2021 outputs would be launched in stages, with the intention of releasing investor signatories’ private Assessment Reports and all signatories’ public Transparency Reports by June 2022.   

Private Transparency Reports were initially launched in October 2021 and finalised in March 2022, following a collaborative effort to fix the data issues in signatories’ 2021 reports. We are currently in the process of generating assessment scores and new functionalities in the Data Portal to deliver on our commitment to releasing signatories’ 2021 reporting outputs. 

Throughout this process, the PRI has invested in additional software development and technology, as well as having made far-reaching improvements to our internal quality assurance processes, in order to ensure the 2021 outputs signatories receive are of high quality and are fit for purpose. 

Regrettably, this testing and quality assurance process is taking longer to complete than anticipated and as a result, we have been forced to move the release date for these outputs to a date within Q3 of 2022, with a specific date to be confirmed as soon as possible.  We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience this causes.

This delay affects only signatories that are awaiting the release of their 2021 reporting outputs. Signatories which joined since 2021 and/or those who did not report last year are unaffected. All signatories that reported in 2021 received a mailout addressed from CEO David Atkin regarding the delay.  

We will continue to share regular posts on our R&A Updates page, providing updates about the launch of 2021 outputs and when signatories can expect to receive their 2021 reports. A new R&A Updates post about the launch of 2021 outputs will be shared weekly, every Wednesday at noon, in British Standard Time (BST), so please bookmark the page and check back regularly for updates. We will also proactively inform signatories of further, material developments as they arise.   

We can assure that no technical issues have emerged, and the delay in launching signatories’ 2021 reporting outputs are indicative of our commitment running a comprehensive testing and quality assurance process, to ensure that the reports signatories receive are of the highest standard. 

We sincerely thank all signatories for their continued patience as we work to prepare 2021 outputs, and finalise the 2021 pilot reporting year. Any queries on the above or on reporting more generally can be directed to [email protected].