As you are aware, during the last week of August the performance of the PRI Reporting Tool degraded, affecting many signatories’ ability to report during that time.

In response to the delays observed on the platform, we introduced staggered reporting deadlines. The purpose of this was to ‘smooth’ the load on the system. Simultaneously, we continued to explore the root cause of, and solutions to, these performance issues.

We appreciate signatories’ overwhelming, positive response in spreading their reporting activity as requested. This has resulted in an improved experience on the platform for all. It has also enabled us to identify and implement solutions that have addressed the observed performance issues – meeting normal online user expectations.

We are glad to report that circa 2900 signatories have now either submitted their reports or completed more than 90% of the reporting survey successfully.

Having resolved the issue as a result of your support and participation in the short-term solution, we are now able to provide ALL signatories with a deadline extension until 23:59 local time 20 September.

We trust that this will go some way to alleviate the pressures of the previous week.


If you have already completed your PRI reporting, we would like to thank you for your diligence and commitment.

Once you have submitted your report, please complete the Feedback Survey, which will be available via the Reporting Tool until 22 September. Your feedback is particularly important given recent experiences and will help to ensure future iterations of the PRI’s Reporting Framework meet your needs.

If you have any queries, please reach out to [email protected].