The PRI’s 2023 reporting window closes in four weeks. Signatories should submit their report by end of day 6 September 2023.

Today’s update includes:

Reporting in numbers 

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Reporting on time ensures the PRI has all signatory data in sufficient time to prepare the Transparency and Assessment Reports, scheduled for release later this year.

876 signatories reporting on a mandatory basis in 2023 have not yet started their reports. Signatories that do not submit mandatory reports by the deadline may be considered by the Board for de-listing.

Signatories for whom 2023 is a voluntary reporting year and that do not submit their reports before the deadline will not receive Transparency or Assessment reports.

If you haven’t started reporting, log in to the Reporting Tool and submit your report now. 

Not sure where to start?

If you are reporting for the first time, or don’t know where to start, we have a suite of resources to support you. Check out the resources on the Investor Reporting Framework page of our website and in the links in the resources box below.

If our resources don’t answer your question, we are here to help:

email us

Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative

If you are intending to report on the NZAM commitments through PRI’s reporting framework in 2023, you must submit your report by end of day 6 September 2023.

See the guidance in Table 1 of the PRI’s Resource guide for reporting against the Net Zero Asset Manager Initiative commitments for details on how to do so.

Reporting deadline and extension requests

The reporting window closes on end of day 6 September 2023. Signatories, for whom reporting is mandatory this year and that do not report by this deadline, will be considered by the Board for potential de-listing.

If you wish to request an extension of the 6 September deadline, please send a request by end of day 24 August 2023 to [email protected]. Please note that the PRI will only grant extensions in exceptional circumstances.

Feedback survey

We’d like to remind you that you can provide feedback after you submit your report, by completing the Feedback Survey in the Reporting Tool. Signatory feedback helps to ensure that future iterations of the PRI’s Reporting Framework, Reporting Tool and guidance materials meet the needs of signatories.