The PRI’s 2023 reporting window will close in 11 days – signatories should report by end of day 6 September.

Today’s update includes:

Reporting in numbers 

Total visitors to the Reporting ToolReports startedReports with completion rate between 90% and 100%




Why the reporting deadline is crucial

Reporting on time is crucial to ensure the PRI can prepare and release your Transparency and Assessment Reports later this year. Reporting delays will significantly affect the delivery of all outputs, reducing our ability to meet signatory needs.

We know that many of you have engaged with the 2023 Reporting Framework by preparing your responses offline. With the reporting deadline only 11 days away, we encourage you to start inputting your responses in the Reporting Tool as soon as possible. This will give you enough time to reach out to us should you have queries about your reporting or making your submission.

Exemption and extension requests

As set out in the Signatory Rules, signatories can request an exemption from reporting by submitting a written explanation to the Board with as much notice as possible.

Alternatively, if you wish to receive a deadline extension, a request needs to be submitted and approved before 6 September.

For exemption or extension requests, you must contact [email protected]. However, these will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Asset owner and investment manager signatories have a commitment to report annually on their activities and progress towards implementing the Principles, via the Reporting Framework. Signatories, for whom reporting is mandatory and that do not report, will be delisted unless they have been granted an exemption or extension.

NZAM commitments

Signatories that intend to report on their NZAM commitment through the PRI’s Reporting Framework in 2023 must report by the deadline to ensure their submissions will be included in the NZAM secretariat reports to COP28.

Voluntary reporters

Signatories, for whom reporting is voluntary and that do not submit by the deadline, will not be provided with Transparency or Assessment reports.

If you haven’t started reporting, log in and submit your report now.

Daily Planned Scheduled Maintenance (5am – 5.30am BST)

The activity on our platform has increased significantly each day as we enter the last few weeks of the reporting window. We are planning to conduct daily maintenance to ensure the platform’s performance is maintained.

Therefore, the platform will be unavailable every day at 5am BST for up to 30 minutes. This time slot has been chosen to minimise any impact to our global signatory base.

Not sure where to start?

If you are reporting for the first time, or don’t know where to start, we have a suite of resources below to support you. If our resources don’t answer your question, we are here to help.

Email us

What happens next?

Once the reporting window closes, the PRI will start preparing the signatory data to use in Transparency and Assessment reports, Data Portal products, and reports for the NZAM secretariat.

Signatories that complete their reporting on time will receive the following outputs:

  • a public Transparency Report, which is published on the PRI website and Data Portal, and includes all public and mandatory indicators
  • a private Transparency Report, which is confidential and includes all public and private indicators
  • a private Assessment Report (investors only), which is confidential and shows median[1] and actual scores received for all applicable modules

We will keep you updated with further information on the release and publication of outputs once the reporting window closes.

Feedback Survey

We’d like to remind you that you can provide feedback after you submit your report, by completing the Feedback Survey in the Reporting Tool. Doing so helps to ensure that future iterations of the PRI’s Reporting Framework, reporting tool and guidance materials meet signatory needs.