We appreciate that signatories are trying to progress with their reporting and/or download their reports for internal review and sign-off and acknowledge the difficulties they are having in submitting their responses. We apologise for the inconvenience, and we are working hard to provide solutions so that signatories are able to complete their reporting obligations.

What we have we observed

This simultaneous increase in traffic as we approach the reporting deadline has added pressure to the system over the last 7 – 10 days. We have observed latency issues (e.g., significant delays for signatories trying to enter data, move between indicators or generate full reports, particularly at peak times) in the Reporting Tool.

What we have we done

We take these issues very seriously. We have taken action to troubleshoot the causes and scope potential solutions, with the intention to test and deploy the most appropriate in the coming days.

Additionally, we have:

  • instituted daily planned maintenance from 5-5:30am BST every morning (timed to minimise impact on our global signatory base)
  • installed continuous monitoring to delve deeper into the specific issues that might be causing the observed latency

Our investigation has shown that requests to download reports are overloading the capacity of the system, resulting in an overall slowdown of the Reporting Tool and long queuing times.

Importantly, while we try to resolve these issues, we are proactively providing a solution for signatories that may find it difficult to meet the reporting deadline as a result.

Reporting deadline extension - what signatories should do

The PRI is extending the reporting deadline to 23:59 local time on 13 September for all signatories that have not yet submitted their reports.

We will provide more details on signatory-specific reporting progress and extensions in our next R&A mailout in the coming days. Please remember to check your emails and take appropriate action, as requested.

Signatories that have been working on their responses offline should start reporting online to ensure we have an accurate view of reporting progress and activity in the Reporting Tool.

We are extending the reporting deadline to help our signatories complete their reporting. We also hope that by doing so, we will ensure our global signatory base spreads its reporting load over the remaining time to provide a balanced reporting experience on the platform for all.

If you have any queries, please reach out to [email protected].