The PRI finalised the 2021 reporting dataset following the close of the two-week window for signatories to flag concerns with their amended reports and after implementing changes on signatories’ behalf in the Reporting Tool.

We sincerely thank signatories again for their dedicated effort to help finalise the 2021 reporting dataset. Through signatories’ collaborative efforts, the PRI has been able to improve the reporting dataset that the 2021 Transparency Reports are based on. 

As a part of the next steps, the PRI will use the finalised 2021 reporting dataset to generate private Assessment Reports for investors, and to prepare for the launch of public Transparency Reports for investors and service providers. We intend to launch both outputs in June 2022.  

Prior to launching the public Transparency Reports in June, the PRI will perform rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure signatories’ public reports do not contain any private data. Data confidentiality remains a key priority for the PRI. As a result, we do not recommend for signatories to externally share the version of their public Transparency Reports currently available in the Data Portal until June, when quality testing will be complete. We look forward to launching the final versions of the public Transparency Reports in June.